Kettle also coming out with a new RC

This is the RC week for open source ETL! A friend of mine forwarded me this email he got from Pentaho (I need to sign up for their mailing list, never got to do it). Again, not sure when I will have time to look at this RC, but new versions are always good. It shows that Pentaho, like Talend, continue to invest in their product.

Dear friends,

Even though we had our work cut out for us the last couple of months, there
was no sign of a slowdown the last couple of weeks. In fact, a couple of
long standing items on my TODO/WANTED list finally got in:

– The debugger with breakpoints, pause/resume
– Remote execution of jobs and transformations (using job entries)

At the same time, a series of bugs got fixed too, ranging in severify from
cosmetic to blocking.

There is always room for improvement, but it looks like we’ll have to go for a
feature freeze (RC1) sooner or later anyway. Let’s do it sooner rather than
We had a chat internally at Pentaho and I thought that next Monday, October
1st would be a great day to kick RC1 out of the door.

I hope you will take the oppertunity with me to do final testing and bug
fixing to make RC1 as stable as possible. For the next 4 to 8 weeks we’ll be
focussing on documentation and testing to ensure that 3.0.0 is as good as we
can humanly make it. If all goes as expected those efforts should bring us
an RC2 on October 29th and a release November 19th.

All the best,



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